Grief Counselling Melbourne

“Over the last twenty years, I have had the privilege of helping people navigate through the messiness of grief and loss. For example, working through the pain of grief, finding strength and hope, and building ongoing connections with their loved ones.”

Grief Counselling Melbourne

“Over the last twenty years, I have had the privilege of helping people navigate through the messiness of grief and loss. For example, working through the pain of grief, finding strength and hope, and building ongoing connections with their loved ones.”

Help When You Need It Most.

“Living a life without your loved one doesn’t happen overnight. As a grief counsellor, I will walk you through your pain and sorrow and help you engage in life so that you won’t let unresolved grief take over your life when you need it most.”

What is Grief and Loss?

A loss is an instance of losing someone or something. The loss triggers the grieving responses, which impact us physically, psychologically, behaviorally, relationally and spiritually.

Grieving is a natural process that everyone goes through when they lose someone they love. It is possible, however, for the grieving process to become chronic for some people. They become stuck in grief, known as unresolved or complicated grief.

Here is a list of common signs and symptoms of grief:


• Chest pain, headaches, general body aches and pains • Shortness of breath • Palpitations, trembling or sweating • Nausea, diarrhoea or constipation • Sleep disruptions and fatigue


• Shock, sadness, fear, worries and anxiety • Impaired focus or concentration • Difficulty making simple decisions • Pre-occupation with the deceased


• Crying • Excessive activity • Avoidance of places • Eating or sleeping too much or too little • Substance use such as drug and alcohol


• Withdrawing from others • Communication breakdowns • Increase dependency or clinginess • Conflicts with others


• Questioning God or your spiritual beliefs • Strengthening your spiritual beliefs • Loss of meaning and purpose • Find new meaning and purpose • Search for answers to the existential questions, such as What is the meaning of life? Is there life after death? Where is God in my pain and suffering?


In short, grief is a normal and natural response to our losses. The greater the perceived loss, the more intense is the grief.

We grieve because we have formed meaningful connections, significant attachments, and precious memories with our lost objects or loved ones. For most people, the most profound form of loss is the death of a loved one.

Grief counselling is specialised counselling (which means additional postgraduate training) that help people navigate through the thoughts, feelings and behaviours associated with losses. A grief counsellor can help you:

  • Understand the diversity and complexity of the grieving process. In other words, there are no one-size-fits-all or universal grieving experiences.
  • Gain clarity with your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Discuss and process what is troubling you.
  • Develop strategies to improve and sustain your health and wellbeing.
  • Establish healthy grief rituals.
  • Form continuing bonds.
  • Create narratives and make meanings through your losses.
  • Design a desirable future.
  • Find hope, courage, comfort and strength.
  • Leverage your faith, beliefs and spirituality.
  • And many more benefits.

Yes and no. Grief counselling is a good, safe and effective option if it is the right fit for your need, experience, goal and context.

However, counselling may not be the first option to deal with your grief. For example, you may find it more helpful to grieve with family and friends, to go for a walk, to reminisce the good times with your deceased loved one, to look at photos and videos or to cherish the values that your loved ones had imparted in your life.

Because grief is a natural response to a loss, many people go through grief without needing professional counselling or therapy. Nevertheless, some people find it helpful to share and express their grief with a registered counsellor who is compassionate, respectful, non-judgmental and skilled in understanding the dynamics and complexities of grief and loss.

Furthermore, sometimes, grief is so overwhelming and painful that it significantly disrupts our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and impairs our day-to-day functioning over a long time. If that is the case, you may benefit from grief and loss counselling. One quick checklist you can use is to assess the severity, impact, and duration of grief. You can ask yourself

  1. To what extend is my grief disrupting my thoughts, feelings and behaviours?
  2. How is my grief impacting my relationships with others, health and wellbeing, work and day-to-day functioning?
  3. How long have I felt sad, depressed, guilty, confused, angry, worried, anxious and fearful?

If your grief persistently and significantly impacts and impairs your well-being and day-to-day functioning, you may be experiencing complicated grief. Consider speaking to a registered grief and loss counsellor.

Adiemus Seah



  • Master of Applied Positive Psychology, The University of Melbourne (First Class Honours)
  • Master in Grief and Palliative Care Counselling, The University of Adelaide (Golden Key Award)
  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling, Tabor Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counselling, Tabor Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology), The Flinders University

Professional Memberships

  • Registered Counsellor (Level 4 – Highest Level) with Australian Counselling Association
  • Member of the College of Supervisors, Australian Counselling Association
  • Member of the College of Christian Counsellors, Australian Counselling Association
  • Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society

Past and Current Clients

My clients include Austin Health, Australia Post Group, Australian Dental Association, Australian Department of Defense, Beyond Blue, Coles, City of Casey, Eastern Health, Linfox, La Trobe University, McConnell Dowell Construction, Monash Health, Peninsula Health, and the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

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YouTube Channel

I am the producer and host of a YouTube channel called ‘Science UP Your Wellbeing’.

In this wellbeing series, I interview global experts in grief and loss, mental health, and wellbeing science.

The experts share their nuggets of wisdom and practical strategies to help you thrive despite the trials and challenges in life.

Through the collaborations with researchers and practitioners around the world, the interviews have reached Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, South Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Israel.

Fees & Payment

Grief Counselling Fee

$175 $ 150
Initial Consultation (75 minutes)
  • $140 for Subsequent Hours
  • In-person or via Zoom


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Private Health Fund Rebate

I am a private health fund provider for Bupa, Medibank, ahm, and Police Health Fund.

If you hold a Private Health Insurance with Extras cover, you may be able to claim benefits for counselling and psychotherapy services. Please check with your Health Fund whether you are eligible for rebates.


I will need to charge $70.00 for cancellation if I have less than 48 hours (business days) notice.

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