Hear What They Say

"Informative, fun & thought provoking!"

Adiemus Seah

Hear What They Say

“Informative, fun & thought provoking!”

The workshop was practical-focused, which I appreciated. Lots of specific tips and exercises that are relevant to my work and life.

Dr Owen Lindsay

A seamless presentation, very knowledgeable and engaging in communicating ideas. Adiemus creates a safe and fun space for learning. I went away with practical ideas to enhance my wellbeing. Thank you!

Annie Harris

Thanks Adiemus – It was a really good session – well run, interesting and challenging and extremely well balanced within the tight timeframes. I have plenty to mull over in the coming days/weeks/months!

Linda Rankine

Thank you for delivering the workshop, Adiemus! It was great experience! And I believe that I have definitely gained some positive and practical take-away notes that I will try to re-visit regularly to improve my wellbeing!

Xiaochun Liu

Enriching 2 days of comprehensive evidence and experience based input had definitely added the know-how value in my counselling practice. Looking forward to flow into the experiential learning to be more equipped. Thank you for all your hard work!

Elaine Loh

Adiemus is a skilled facilitator who draws on a variety of interactive tools to encourage a high level of participation in his workshops. I’ve been impressed with his ability to balance the depth of knowledge he holds on the subject, with a humble, authentic approach to facilitation. Through group debate, personal reflective activities, and pairwork, Adiemus took us on a journey where the concepts of resilience, strengths and activation became real to us, embedded in new daily routines and ways of relating to our colleagues and our futures.

Shawna Hooton

Informative, fun & thought provoking! I really got a lot out of the training.

Jill Allen

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