Coaching Psychology for Better Work Life Balance

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Work-life balance, is it even achievable? Learn how coaching psychology can help you achieve better work-life balance. Our special guest is Dr. Andrea Giraldez-Hayes, Program Leader, MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, University of East London.

0:00 Learning outcomes.
1:47 What is work-life balance, and how does it relate to our wellbeing?
6:38 Besides the popular term work-life balance, are there similarities or differences with work-life integration, work-life harmony, and work-life enrichment?
11:18 What are some traditional perspectives on work-life balance?
15:10 What are some protective and risk factors for work-life balance?
21:32 What about people who are forced to work long hours in a demanding work environment? What advice would you give them?
25:07 COVID has changed the way we work. Working from home has blurred the line between work and life. Could coaching psychology help facilitate work-life balance?
33:34 What can leaders and organisations do to create work-life balance friendly workplaces?