Finding Meaning and Flourishing Through Suffering

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What is existential positive psychology? How do you help people find meaning and flourish through suffering? Learn from one of the founding fathers of existential positive psychology — Dr. Paul Wong, Prof. Emeritus, Trent University.

0:00 Learning outcomes.
2:24 What are some of your primary philosophies and beliefs that drive and guide your works in Existential Positive Psychology and Meaning-Centered Counseling & Therapy?
5:44 One of the core tenets of positive psychology is to find out what makes life worth living. So what makes life worth living for you?
9:25 In a nutshell, what is existential positive psychology? And how does it differ from positive psychology?
26:05 How can we achieve wellbeing and flourishing in times of suffering? For example, how can someone find meaning or flourish through senseless losses such as violent deaths, suicides, the death of a child, or even war?
37:23 If there is a God, why does He allow suffering?
47:54 What is one thing that you have been doing this week to look after your wellbeing?