Positive Existential Coaching with Yannick Jacob

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We all have goals in life. Have you ever wondered whether your goals hold a deeper meaning in pursuing happiness? Discover how positive existential coaching can help you achieve happiness, success, and fulfilment. Yannick Jacob, Existential Life and Leadership Coach, will help us unpack this topic.

0:00 Learning outcomes.
4:10 What are some primary beliefs and philosophies that govern and guide who you are and what you do?
8:34 Positive existential coaching is a big word. So let’s set the scenes for our listeners – first, what is coaching? And second, what is positive existential coaching (PEC)?
34:55 What is “human being” vs “human doing”?
42:45 How is PEC different from psychological counselling or therapy?
47:19 What is one thing that you have been doing this week to look after your wellbeing?