How To Improve And Sustain Workplace Wellbeing

Thumbnail - How To Improve And Sustain Workplace Wellbeing

It’s no secret that workplace wellbeing is linked to our employees’ productivity and their ability to work well with their colleagues. But the real question is, how do we not just improve but sustain our workplace wellbeing? Pick up nuggets of wisdom in our interview with Dr. Michelle McQuaid, Best-Selling Author, Workplace Wellbeing Teacher, and Playful Change Activator.

0:00 Learning outcomes.
1:50 Four practical steps to improve our wellbeing.
5:40 What is workplace wellbeing, and why it matters?
14:48 What are some traditional approaches to workplace wellbeing?
20:15 What does the research in positive psychology and neuroscience tell us about designing relevant workplace wellbeing activities?
23:30 The three factors that allow us to amplify our ability to care for our wellbeing (AMP).
27:43 What are the values or ROI of workplace wellbeing?
31:28 Suggestions for small business owners to thrive at their workplaces.