What Effect Does Your Personality Have on Your Wellbeing?

Thumbnail - What Effect Does Your Personality Have on Your Wellbeing

Does our personality affect our wellbeing? Is our personality fixed? Join us as we explore these questions with Dr. Reb Rebele, Senior Research Fellow for the Wharton People Analytics Initiative, University of Pennsylvania.

0:00 Learning outcomes.
1:50 What is personality psychology, and some common misconceptions about personality?
5:35 What personality traits tend to be associated with wellbeing? And how do you define wellbeing?
14:44 What are personality states, and why is understanding them important for understanding wellbeing?
22:25 How can personality psychology help inform how we design and use wellbeing interventions?
29:10 There is always a debate about whether our personality is fixed or can change over a lifetime. What does it mean to think of personality as a set of defaults?
35:38 What is one thing that you have been doing this week to look after your wellbeing?